Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Remote Viewing Mars:

On Tuesday's show, remote viewing teacher Ed Dames shared updates on solar threats, ETs and other-dimensional visitors, as well as his recent work remote viewing why Mars lost its atmosphere, killing off its life and civilizations-- somewhat paralleling what Earth is about to go through. A very long time ago, he said, there was a large population on Mars, with two different races. Then, there was a brutal storm with high winds that lasted for about 10 years, leaving only about 15% of the populace left, living in shelters, he detailed. The genesis of the storm was a large passing body, possibly a 'Planet X,' that drew so close to Mars on its pass through our solar system that it caused a series of extreme wave-like crashes of air leading to the loss of Mars' atmosphere, he outlined.

The carbon dioxide that is present in Mars today is due to microbes-- the only current life form on the planet, he said, aside from what he called "sentient machines or robots" that stayed behind after the loss of the Martian civilization. According to remote viewers, the Russian Phobos II spacecraft was destroyed by one of these robots, which took on the form of a spacecraft. The sentient machines control via an underground command center-- "they are the ones who create the crop circles on Earth...they are the ones responsible for the Rendlesham Forest Incident, for the Cash-Landrum radiation incident," Dames announced.

Regarding the solar "killshot" (view related DVD trailer), everything is pointing toward the 2013 time frame, "because it's the top of the solar cycle," he commented. The Earth's thinning ozone layer is looking like Swiss cheese to remote viewers, and there'll be a vast heating in the Earth's atmosphere. Most metropolitan areas, with a few exceptions (like Christchurch, New Zealand) won't serve as adequate sanctuaries from the killshot, he noted. However, a "Federation" outreach program, involving humans born off-world, will help us rebuild the planet, probably some 50 years out, he continued. Dames also spoke about extra-dimensional beings who act to prevent nuclear annihilation on our planet.

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